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Teenage Kids Martial Arts Classes Now Enrolling

Our teenage years are often some of our most challenging. Peer pressure is intense, a teenage person's self-confidence is always on a knife edge, and almost all teenagers have trouble balancing their emotions. At the Tring Martial Arts Academy in Hertfordshire, we can help young people aged from 13-17 build phenomenal confidence and better mental clarity.

More than just Karate & Martial Arts Classes

At our Martial Arts studio, we help young people build better physical strength and stamina through demanding yet easy (and fun) to learn Martial Arts training. Open now for enrollment, our blended Karate and Martial Arts curriculum equip young people with practical self-defence skills which draw inspiration from several different Martial Arts disciplines. These include Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and weapons training.

Of course, it is our hope that the self-defence training which our adult, teenage, and Kids Martial Arts classes equip people with will never have to be put to real use. However, for teenagers especially, Martial Arts training is proven to help reduce the likelihood of young people participating in recreational alcohol and drug use. - (As well as a variety of other negative activities). This is because our Martial Arts training helps build character in a friendly, mutually supportive environment, surrounded by positive role models and social influences.

Karate & Martial Arts Training Benefits

The benefits of our teenage martial arts training classes are simple:

  • We help teenagers build better personal & body confidence
  • We help teenagers improve their overall physical fitness
  • Our Martial Arts training equips teenagers with usable self-defence know how
  • Teenagers benefit from improved mental awareness & focus
Are you a teenager in the Tring or Aylesbury area looking to improve your level of fitness and personal self-confidence? If so, enrol in our young adults Martial Arts training program today and let us help you start realising the benefits.