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Fun & Safe Kids Martial Arts Classes

Tring Martial Arts Kids classes, known as Kickbox Kids™, is a safe, non-contact martial arts class designed for children aged between 4 and 10 years of age. Kickbox Kids™ will improve their fitness, confidence, discipline and courage.

Our excellent staff is dedicated to teaching your child effective skills and helping them to achieve their goals. Every student will learn the importance of respect, perseverance, self-defence, and bully prevention. Every one of Tring Martial Arts' students makes friends and learn the important aspects of the Martial Arts curriculum.  Our Kickbox Kids™ classes contain the exciting and fun aspects of the Martial Arts and Kickboxing that will have your kid coming back for more. We create an environment whereby they learn valuable life skills that will lead them to success inside and outside of Tring Martial Arts.

Tring Karate & Martial Arts Training Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, Karate and self-defence for kids aren't just about equipping children with the skills which they need to defend themselves from bullies. Instead, Karate and Martial Arts training can also help children to:

  • Gain better mental focus, patience & self-discipline
  • Manage and channel their anger more effectively
  • Gain fantastic self-confidence
  • Acquire better balance, coordination & physical fitness
  • Learn how to respect others
  • Learn effective self-defence tactics (and know when to use such tactics should they ever need to)

Help your Son or Daughter be the Best that they can Be

Each of our Kickbox Kids™ trainers and staff is dedicated to safety, inclusion, and most importantly of all, helping children have as much fun as possible during our Kid's Martial Arts classes. This being the case, if you want to help your son or daughter gain phenomenal self-confidence whilst simultaneously making new friends and learning a variety of new life skills.

Give Your Child a Kick Start and Get Started With Kids Martial Arts Classes At Tring Martial Arts!